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May 22, 2023

Should I Employ a Driver or Hire a Courier?

Logistics play a vital part in many businesses operations, ensuring items are delivered on time and safely. Whether you’re in need of regular or adhoc deliveries, outsourcing your courier work can be very beneficial in terms of price and quality. Professional couriers are already in the swing of delivering regularly and reliably so you can be assured your deliveries will be in safe hands. Hiring a courier is definitely easier than delivering the items yourself and here’s why. 

More time for your business

Organising your own delivery drivers can be very time consuming and distract from the day-to-day running of your business, wasting valuable human and financial resources. By hiring a courier, it alleviates this time and can increase productivity. Instead of your employees driving out and about, they are able to remain within your business’s grounds and carry on working.  

Reduced risk factors

On the road anything can happen, but with a third-party courier service the vehicle and items within it are covered by the courier’s insurance. Meaning if anything were to happen you won’t have made a significant investment in resources or personnel that would need to be recovered. With our vast fleet of vehicles and reliable team of drivers, we have many years of experience delivering items without disruption or delays. 

Fixed prices you can rely on

If you need regular deliveries or need to deliver many items at once, a courier contract can be very beneficial. When fulfilling a contract, a fixed price is agreed meaning there’s no nasty surprises when it comes to cost. This can help greatly when it comes to your company’s cash flow and logistics budget. Along with this, other benefits include the use of tracking technology and an externally insured vehicle and driver.

Dedicated service

If you’re looking to get your goods delivered in a fast and efficient manner, a dedicated courier service is ideal. Driving directly to the destination address, only your items will be carried on the vehicle at any one time. This complete door-to-door service gives you peace of mind that your items will be delivered safely and without any delays due to stops along the way.  

A Courier fit for everything

Investing in your own fleet can be costly and you may need different vehicles depending on the goods you’re delivering, from small parcels to pallets. That’s where the benefits of a courier really come in. A courier has access to a variety of vehicles within their fleet and can tailor the vehicle to your individual business needs. 

At Chapman & Peach we understand the importance of business logistics and a courier contract with us will make your delivery process seamless. If you’re looking to outsource your business’ deliveries to a courier company that has a fleet of vehicles ready to go, contact us today or give us a call on 01603446335

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