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November 24, 2023

Guide to Road Haulage Vehicles

Road haulage vehicles are essential for transporting goods locally and globally in today’s logistics system. They form the backbone of the transportation industry, and choosing the right type of vehicle can greatly affect your business operations. Here are the different types of road haulage vehicles and how they are most commonly used.

Standard Vans

For the more everyday items that require shorter distances, vans will do the job. Due to their compact size and manoeuvrability, they are great for city travel and reaching places that may be challenging for larger vehicles. They are typically used to transport packaged items and don’t tend to require any specialised equipment to load/unload. 

Luton Vans

Luton vans are a popular and practical choice for transporting various goods. Their box-like structure and roomy interior are great for moving bulky or a high volume of goods. They can also come with a hydraulic tail lift to load large items safely without requiring manual heavy lifting or risking injury.

Flatbed Vehicle 

Flatbeds have an open cargo area without any sides or a roof, making them versatile for transporting unique shapes and sizes, such as construction materials or machinery. As there are no sides, this allows quick and efficient loading, simplifying the logistics process. Valued for their adaptability, flatbeds are a reliable choice for transporting items that don’t fit into standard enclosed trailers. The only problem is they are exposed to the elements, so they may only be suitable for some types of goods.  

Curtain Sided Vehicle

Curtain-sided vehicles, commonly known as ‘Curtainsiders’, feature a flexible curtain-like side that can be easily opened for loading goods, including palletised items. The enclosed trailer also provides an added benefit of weather protection. They can handle more loads than vans and are a cost-effective alternative to semi-trailer vehicles. Within our fleet, we have a wide range of curtain-sided vehicles, including 7.5-ton and 18-ton, to carry different payloads. 

Tipper Vehicle

Tipper vehicles are commonly used in construction to transport and unload bulk materials efficiently. They have a handy hydraulic lift at the back that tilts and empties the entire cargo bed, making them valuable for transporting loose materials like gravel, sand or construction debris.

How can you get your goods transported?

Even with an understanding of what type of vehicle you need, you might be wondering how can I get access to one? Finding a vehicle to hire can be challenging, and you also have to ensure the person driving it has the appropriate type of licence. 

Save yourself the hassle and get your goods delivered by a road haulage specialist like us. We have a wide range of vehicles within our fleet and fully trained drivers ready to drive them. We will make sure your goods are delivered safely and on time. Get a quote today by filling out our quick quote form or call us on 01603446335.

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