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October 31, 2023

What is Haulage? Everything You Need To Know

Haulage is the driving force behind the movement of goods. It is a critical cog in our supply chain, connecting businesses and consumers to the products they need. But what exactly does road haulage entail and what services do they offer? 

What Do Haulage Companies Do?

A haulage company transports goods from one place to another. They play a vital role in the logistics industry and supporting the wider economy. From pallets of building materials to a selection of greenhouses, haulage companies can transport a wide variety of goods. Essentially, without haulage many businesses would not be able to operate.  

Road Haulage Services

The most common type of haulage is by road. Road haulage provides dedicated door-to-door service using a variety of different vehicles, from curtain-siders to tilt trailers and flatbeds. Haulers are used to working to specific time frames and have a range of services to make sure your goods are delivered safely and on-time.  

Same Day Delivery 

For the transportation of urgent goods many haulage companies offer a same day delivery service within specific areas. At Chapman & Peach we can pick up any goods within the Norwich and Norfolk area and deliver same day to most places in the UK. 

Next Day Delivery 

If your goods don’t need to be delivered the same day, many hauliers can deliver the next day as well. Whatever your specific time frame, they are flexible to work around your requirements.   

Pallet Delivery

Pallet delivery involves transporting a range of goods stored on pallets. They are typically used to transport heavy, bulky and volume items for many different industries. Thanks to our extensive selection of vehicles in our fleet, we can transport your palletised goods to anywhere in the UK reliably and efficiently.  

Benefits of Using a Haulage Company

Many industries require prompt and efficient logistics management, and this is where a haulage company really comes in handy.  

Expertise and Experience

Haulage companies are experts in logistics and transportation. They have the knowledge and experience to handle various types of cargo and ensure it reaches its destination safely and efficiently.


Outsourcing transportation can be more cost-effective than maintaining your own fleet of vehicles. You don’t have to purchase any vehicles, pay any maintenance or staffing costs.

Diverse Fleet

Haulage companies typically have a diverse fleet of vehicles, including trucks, vans and specialised equipment. This ensures that they can handle different types and sizes of cargo, providing flexibility for your shipping needs.

Efficiency and Timeliness

Haulage companies focus on timely and efficient deliveries. They have the resources and expertise to plan routes, optimise schedules and meet delivery deadlines consistently.

How to Choose a Haulage Company?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a haulage company for your business. It’s important to make sure they have the right vehicles to transport your goods and offer a delivery service that suits your requirements. At Chapman & Peach, we can transport just about almost anything and we’ve got the experience and excellent reputation to match. Find out more about our fleet and service here or get a quote by filling in our quick quote form.  

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